Easter Brunch

It's been a rough few weeks for everyone, everywhere, but we can't let this virus break our spirits. With Easter here, we decided to celebrate with a little picnic packed with brownies.

We hosted a little picnic at home with only that people that live at home...social distancing. It's was a great way to break the routine of being home, while spending the day with the family and getting some Easter treats.

We hid the eggs all over our backyard (you can also scatter them in every corner of your apartment), and then we celebrate with an overdose of chocolate.

 We also made some brownie coloring eggs and got some edible ink markers so these two could color their eggs any way they wanted. Since the brownies are 100% edible we ate them all up afterward. (And every single gourmet brownie you seen in the pictures)

 With everyone staying indoors, small businesses are struggling to survive, including us, so find out if your favorite restaurants offer to-go food and if your favorite shops are shipping their products, so you can decorate and spend a wonderful Easter with your family while supporting your favorite businesses.

As for us, all our brownies (including the coloring brownies) are available for local delivery and nationwide shipping.

Anamaria Contreras
Anamaria Contreras


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April 07, 2020


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