Virtual Mother's Day

Mother's Day is here, and we're still Social Distancing, but since my mom should still feel special I decided to have a little virtual dinner with her and my family.

So here's the plan for Sunday. I'm ordering food from her favorite local restaurant, and since they deliver, everything will be at her door, even the coffee.
Since my mom is the person who makes our brownies, I don't want her to make her own treats. But I do have her secret brownie recipes so I'm making her a brownie message myself and shipping it to her.
I've sent my brother and dad a link to a virtual meeting, and we're all set to surprise her.
Getting mom some of her favorite things sent to her and hosting a digital meeting with your family is the perfect way to make mom's day an unforgettable Mother's Day.

Anamaria Contreras
Anamaria Contreras


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